Not only is this a useful expression, it’s easy to understand and easy to remember. Just take a look at the back of your hand. See your finger nails? Great!  Now, try to bend one back slightly. Can’t do it, can you? That’s because the finger nail, the “uña” is really stuck to the flesh “carne”, below.  They are virtually inseparable, like for example, a pair of really good friends.

Listen to the following audio to hear how the expression is used..

Easy, right? “Ser uña y carne”: to be inseparable.

Hear is the script to the audio:


Padres de familia conversando de sus hijos.
A husband and wife discuss about their kids.

– ¿Sabes que los Rodríguez se mudarán a los Estados Unidos?

Do you know the Rodríguez (family) moved to the United States?

– ¡Pero, qué lástima! Sus hijos y los nuestros son “uña y carne”.

What a shame! Their kids and ours are “uña y carne”.

– Sí, les daré la noticia esta noche.

Yes. I’ll give them the news tonight.

– No quiero ver sus caras de tristeza.

I don’t want to see their sad faces.

Explicación: “Ser uña y carne” = ser el amigo inseparable de alguien

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