Spanish Idiom
Tener Agallas
I was reminded of this Spanish idiomatic expression today as I watched women’s volleyball being played at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. These young women were jumping up to block balls speeding at 120 kilometers an hour! The balls weigh 280 grams, and they must feel much heavier still when they smack against your hands, arms or body at such high speeds. These women are tremendously brave – they have guts – or as they might say in Spanish: “Ellas tienen agallas”.

Now, listen to our audio where we eavesdrop on a conversation between the participants in another kind of activity and see if you can understand what they are doing, and why the people involved in the dialogue also “tienen agallas”.

We hope you enjoyed the audio and have now learned a new and useful expression in Spanish. Remember to contact us for information about our Spanish lessons online for beginners. We’d love to hear from you.

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