Tirar la casa por la ventana?
Tirar la casa por la ventana?

Have you ever heard the expression “Tirar la casa por la ventana”? Taken literally, it would mean “Throw the house out the window” but the expression is used to describe when a lot of money is spent to throw a celebration. So how did this relationship come about? Well, first listen to how the expression is used in this audio, then read on I’ll explain the history of the expression  and provide you with the script in Spanish and English.

History of the Expression
The expression “Tirar la casa por la ventana” dates back to 1763 when the King of Spain, Carlos III, organized a lottery to raise money for the state. If someone was lucky enough to win the grand prize, they’d have enough money that they could (if they so desired) throw all their old furniture out of the window and buy totally new replacements! In other words, they had the money to make an unrestrained expense.
Audio Script
Dos novios hablando por teléfono.
A couple engaged to be married speak on the phone
– Hablaste con tus papás sobre la fiesta de la boda.
Did you speak to your parents about the wedding party?
– Sí.
– ¿Les dijiste que queremos algo sencillo?
Did you tell them that we want something simple?
– Lo siento, pero no pude convencerlos. Lo más seguro es que quieran “tirar la casa por la ventana”. I’m sorry, but I couldn’t convince them. For sure they are going to want to “tirar la casa por la ventana.”
– Bueno…, es su dinero. Well…, it is their money.
Explicación: “Tirar la casa por la ventana” = hacer una celebración ostentosa o hacer un gran gasto de dinero con motivo de una celebración.
ExplanationTirar la casa por la ventana” = make a ostentatious celebration or a make a large expense for a celebration.
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