Before we begin our Spanish video lesson, just a quick word to thank all of the people who have signed up to receive our lesson alerts by email. These lessons are non-traditional in their approach to instruction, so it is a big vote of confidence that so many of you are finding them useful.. or at least entertaining!

Now.. back to the lesson at hand. This week, Juan Carlos takes on yet another gender enigma. Why is is that you can say “la radio” and “el radio”, and be absolutely right (or wrong) both times? That is because these two words, which are spelled exactly the same way, actually refer to two very different things.

There is a wealth of excellent resources to learn Spanish on the internet. We have compiled a list of some of the best around: There is no replacement for a private teacher though, especially when in comes to speaking practice. If you think you can benefit from some guided conversation practice, and can´t make it to a local school, why not consider taking some Spanish classes online with a Web Spanish teacher. She will get you speaking in no time.

We will be back again soon with some important news about official changes to the Spanish alphabet in an upcoming chapter of “Mundo Hispano”. Hasta luego, amigos.

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  1. Thanks you very much for the all Spanish lessons. Very helpful for us. Appreciating your contribution.

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