We produced this Spanish lesson in a battlefield site museum that commemorates the War of the Pacific (1879-1883) – a bloody conflict between Chile on one side, and Peru and Bolivia on the other. The war was fought over mineral deposits on the Pacific coast – and even though the war ended over a century ago, the wounds haven’t healed entirely. Bolivia is still trying to regain the access to the Pacific Ocean it lost to Chile, and the Peruvian collective memory still retains bitter images of the sacking and occupation of Tacna and Lima, and to this day – in countries which have still not defeated the specter of hunger and poverty – hundreds of millions of dollars continue to be spent on weaponry. Join Juan Carlos as he casts a critical eye on the absurdity of it all.


Our partner school, El Sol, is a short walking distance to the museum where we shot this video. Hopefully one day you will join us and enroll in Spanish immersion program in Lima.

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  1. Me encanto el video, el chico habla muy bien. Tanto tiempo en los EEUU que ahora que tengo clase de Spanish en college estoy perdida. Muchas gracias y seguire viniendo por mas. Highly recommended. Thanks

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