Next in our series of “streeter” Spanish lessons comes a nice surprise. Meet Chamorro, a fellow who shines shoes at a stand outside of a popular hotel in the district of Miraflores. The lesson today? The Spanish words for brushing, cleaning, shining, and some popular colors of shoe wax.

This is a very visual lesson, so we have not provided any translation of key vocabulary. Our hope is that in this lesson you can interpret word meaning from the visual clues and context.

Guess what? It is not the first time we have looked at shoes in one of our lessons. It is not that we have any sort of footwear fetish (well, maybe), but what could be more basic and useful than vocabulary to describe the most common and widely used transportation mechanism in the world? Check out our previous lesson (one of the very first we produced!) based on a visit to the shoe repair shop.

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4 Responses

  1. I have no idea what the videos are saying they are in spanish only and I dont know spanish. can we get the sub titles in english?

  2. ¿Está calzado como zapato? Y la silla del Señor Chamorro es buenisimo. ¿Es vieja? No tenemos nada como esa aqui. Me gusta las lecciones de la calle. Gratías.

  3. Hi Kashia,

    There are subtitles published in Spanish, and we explain the key vocabulary mid way through the video. In addition, Youtube gives you the opportunity to translate the sub-titles, but don’t count on an exact translation. Good luck with your Spanish!

  4. Si, “calzado” es “zapatos”, pero en el sentido general. Por ejemplo,”una tienda de calzado para buscar un par de zapatos”.

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