TE GUSTAN LOS PERROSDo you like dogs? Juan Carlos does, and in this lesson he will teach you some basic animal vocabulary and the verb structure you need to know in order to express that you “like” something in Spanish.  It’s tricky, because in Spanish you don’t say that you “like something” at all, you say that “something is pleasing to me”.  You need to be especially careful because with this switch,  the subject of the verb in Spanish is the object of the verb in the English structure, and that can impact the conjugation.   Watch the video to see what I mean.

We hope you enjoyed this lesson. If you’d like to learn more Spanish, we invite you to come practice with our Spanish teachers online.

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  1. Juan Carlos, a mi me gustan mucho los perros. Tengo dos…Charlie Brown y Pebbles. Me gustan los gatos tambien. Tiene un gato?

  2. Juan Carlos, a mi tambien me gustan los perros pero aqui en Peru no tengo ningun perro. Pero solamente a mi me gusta un perro pequeno no grande como terrier.

  3. hola!Yo no saber el espanol eso bien pero yo la voluntad .Yo de verdad el amor el perro .yo tener y macho el perro de mi propio .esto el vidio era util tan gracias senor !

  4. I would love to have private lesson am in kenya is possible.I love this website i have learnt so well

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