This video ranks as one of my favorite in this series of Spanish lessons. The music store owner, señor Marín – while not really dressed for the occasion – had a helpful attitude once we explained that our videos are meant to help folks from all over the world learn the Spanish language.

In this lesson, señor Marín and Juan Carlos will teach you the the names (and the sounds!) of some of the most popular instruments played in Peru. I guarantee you that one instrument in particular will surprise you. It´s a real jaw dropper! (You’ll understand my horrible pun once you watch the video).

Say, if you ever make it to Lima, Peru drop in and visit señor Marín at his store, which is located in the district of Miraflores, on the corner of Calle Alcanfores and Calle Diez Canseco. He´ll appreciate it very much.

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