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We first published this Spanish video lesson a few years ago, but I have bumped it back up to the top because it has proven to be one of the most web-searched grammar lessons we have ever produced.

What I enjoy about this class is that Juan Carlos makes simple sense out of an apparent exception to the general rule-of-thumb for speaking Spanish which says “If the word ends in “o”, it’s most likely masculine. In this case, we have the word “foto”, but which is preceded by the article “La”. Click play and join Juan Carlos and he’ll teach you why.

If you enjoyed this basic Spanish grammar lesson, let us know by leaving a comment below. And if you would like the opportunity to practice speaking Spanish with a native speaker, why not give our classes a try?

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  1. Foto is a short form of fotografía (which ends with an -a), and that’s why it’s a feminine noun.

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  5. Yes, this is a good video with a clear explanation of the “why”. It was an aha moment as soon as he said fotografía, duh, lol.

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