“How much does it cost?” “Okay.. I’ll take one”. Few Spanish lessons could be more practical than this one, which teaches you how to buy a simple item from a street stall. Our guest star in this clip was a woman with a candy and cigarette kiosk located on a busy street corner in Miraflores, Lima, Peru. We surprised her with our request to help us teach the lesson, but she demonstrated the hospitality that makes this country famous. You will also get a sense of the traffic noise she needs to put up with, day after day after! It’s a miracle that she keeps smiling.

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3 Responses

  1. what country is this spanish from.Intead of saying cinco centavos they say cinco centimos.

  2. These videos are produced in Peru, where “centimo” and “centavo” are used interchangeably. Thanks for watching!

  3. Well im like 12 so i dunno what the old shows were like. It would be nice to see them, though.

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