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How to Express Surprise in Spanish

Surprise: it’s Monday! As we all know that usually isn’t the best thing in the world..BUT we have a great Spanish lesson to start your day. Any guesses to what it’s about? Yea, I guess I kinda gave it away: surprises. Everyone has been surprised before, maybe at a party or maybe something not as great, but whatever it is you weren’t expecting, at least now you can express it in Spanish. So when your next “cumpleaños” comes around make sure your loved ones throw in a few surprises here and there, just so you can impress them with your new vocabulary. One last thing: watch our other practical videos about emotions so that no matter what kind of Monday you’re having, you can use your Spanish skills and let it all out.

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One Response

  1. Nice video, I find if I watch it a few times then write the Spanish words on paper it helps me remember easier.
    Good for homework as i am learning at the moment.

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