Spanish Phrases for Travel: Taking the bus


Do you want to go to Lima’s city center but you don’t want to take a taxi? The Guia Turistico explains you how in this usefull video. And if you can’t understand him maybe it’s time for you to enroll in one of our Online Spanish classes.

Read the transcript here:

Do you want to go to the city center but you don’t want to take a taxi? Let’s use Lima’s public transportation. Follow me.

To get to the city center you have a really good, comfortable and economical option, the “Metropolitano” of Lima, which is a very effective way of transportation. To use it you have to have a card, like this one. You can buy the card or you can borrow it from someone.

This bus  has many stations all along the city of Lima and the most important thing is that it can take you to the city center in minutes. The main stations in the city center are: “The Central Station or Estacion Central”, “Emancipación” and “Lampa” and when you get to the center the places that you can visit are:  “The Plaza de Armas”, “The Plaza San Martin”, “The Jiron de la Union”, “the Government Palace” and the old “Bolivar Hotel”.

Remember that you should always travel with a map and you shouldn´t forget to take care of your belongings at all times, so you can have a safe and peaceful trip.

Now that you know how to get to the city center using public transportation, what are you waiting for …use it!

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