Spanish Idioms: “Hay gato encerrado”

Gato encerrado

Here is an easy Spanish idiom you can use in those situations where things just don’t seem on the up-and-up, and you suspect dishonesty or lack of transparency. Play the audio and hear how the idiom is used, then keep reading to learn about the likely origin of this curious expression. You might be surprised! […]

“En el país de los ciegos, el tuerto es rey”

Here is an idiom in Spanish that you can use to express that no one will notice you are bad at something is you are surrounded by people who are even worse. Your browser does not support the audio element.

Spanish Listening Practice: A South American Dance

Hola, amigos. Esta semana les queremos contar acerca del proyecto que promete unir a Sudamérica a través de una de sus tradiciones más emblemáticas, la diablada. Pero, antes de escuchar la nota, no olviden prestar atención a los siguientes términos:  Hello friends.  This week we would like to tell you about the project that wants to unified  […]

Spanish Listening Lesson: Jorge Luis Borges Discovery

Hola, amigos. Esta semana les queremos contar acerca del importante hallazgo de un pequeño manuscrito que cambia la historia de uno de los cuentos del famoso escritor argentino Jorge Luis Borges. Pero, antes de escuchar la nota, no olviden prestar atención a los siguientes términos: Hello friends.  This week we would like to tell you […]

Spanish Audio Lesson: Ingrid Betancourt Anniverary

Hola, amigos. El mundo  aún recuerda que hace cinco años Colombia rescató exitosamente a un grupo muy importante de rehenes de las FARC (las Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia). Entre las personas rescatadas, se encontraba la excandidata presidencial Ingrid Betancourt. Hello frineds. The world still remembers that five years ago Colombia successfully rescued a very important […]

Noticia de la semana – Choclo en Perú y México

The news story this week gives insight into the recent recognition of Peru and Mexico as the countries where corn first originated, with the oldest found specimens from Northern Peru dating back 6,775 years. The use of biotechnology to increase productivity is already widely used by many countries, and if authorities and universities agreed, Peru […]

Spanish Audio Lesson: Catholic Church in Venezuela

¡Hola Amigos de Web Spanish! En esta oportunidad, vamos a hablar sobre la actual relación de la Iglesia Católica en Venezuela y el gobierno de ese país. Una relación complicada desde hace algunos años y que recientemente se ha debilitado, debido a sucesos vandálicos en contra de algunas imágenes sagradas. A pesar de que esta […]

Spanish Audio Lesson: A Presidential Divorce

Hi Friends, today our Spanish audio lesson is of the intermediate level and informs us about the controversy surrounding the recent divorce between Alvaro Colom, the current president of Guatemala, and Sandra Torres.  This divorce coincides with the upcoming presidential elections in which Torres was running.  Curiously, the Guatemalan constitution clearly prohibits close relatives from running […]

Spanish Audio Lesson: Machu Picchu and Yale

Since we first talked about this issue in a Spanish lesson in January, there have been some important developments. Probably the most important is that Yale University has shipped the first batch of Machu Picchu artifacts back to Peru, and these were almost immediately put on display in the Government Palace. The reception by the […]