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Spanish Audio Lesson: Geysers in Chile

Hola, amigos. Esta semana les queremos contar acerca de un atractivo turístico en Chile, los géiseres del Tatio. Pero, antes de escuchar la nota, no olviden prestar atención a los siguientes términos: Hello friends.  This week

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Spanish Lesson – Hablemos de guerra

We produced this Spanish lesson in a battlefield site museum that commemorates the War of the Pacific (1879-1883) – a bloody conflict between Chile on one side, and Peru and Bolivia on the other. The war

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Mundo Hispano – Enterrados vivos

Buried alive! You are employed as a miner and disaster strikes, sealing you off from the world above you. This is normally the kind of accident that promises a slow, torturous death. It´s almost unimaginable, though

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Mundo Hispano – Los Mapuches de Chile

Chileans marked their bicentennial of independence in September, and pretty much everyone was celebrating except Chile´s first nations peoples, particularly the Mapuche. In this week’s Spanish audio lesson, we give you some background on the controversy.

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