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SIELE arrives in China

Following on from a digital education agreement signed between Telefonica, Tsinghua University, and XuetangX, the SIELE exam and certification has been launched in China (SIELE西班牙语考试练习). The SIELE, established by the Cervantes institute and a coalition of

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Spanish Audio Practice: Chinese Student Wins Trip

Hola, amigos. Esta semana les contamos la historia de una joven estudiante china, ganadora  de un premio inolvidable gracias a sus conocimientos del idioma español. Pero, antes de escuchar la nota, no olviden prestar atención a

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Listening Exercise: Bolivia in Space

Our Spanish video lesson of the week provides us with the most updated information regarding the Bolivian satellite Tupac Katari, a project in which Bolivia has invested millions of dollars. Vice President Álvaro García Linera states

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Spanish Audio Lesson: Uruguay and China

This week, we have a news story that fills you in on a future collaboration between Uruguay and China. These two countries plan to work together to develop not one, but three industries. Both countries will

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