Spanish Classes Online

Spanish classes online

Visitors drop into our blog for all kinds of reasons: maybe they want to watch our Spanish lessons on video and audio, or to keep up with news related to learning Spanish, such as the rollout of the SIELE exam, but what some of our visitors don´t realize is that Web Spanish is an online […]

Spanish Idioms: “Tirar la casa por la ventana”

Have you ever heard the expression “Tirar la casa por la ventana”? Taken literally, it would mean “Throw the house out the window” but the expression is used to describe when a lot of money is spent to throw a celebration. So how did this relationship come about? Well, first listen to how the expression […]

Spanish Audio Practice: Oliver Stone’s Chavez

Hola, amigos. Esta semana les traemos una buena noticia para los amantes del cine. El director estadounidense  Oliver Stone llevará al cine la vida del controversial  y fallecido expresidente de Venezuela, Hugo Chávez. Hello, friends. This week we bring you good news to movie lovers. American director Oliver Stone will make a movie based on […]