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Shortcut to Spanish: “El circo”

Learn Basic Spanish Vocabulary with us and discover a world full of possibilities. Today’s lesson: “El circo”. Aprende vocabulario básico en español y descubre un mundo lleno de posibilidades. La lección de hoy es: “El circo”.

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How to ask someone out in Spanish

Juan Carlos gets pushed back into the “friend zone” when he tries to ask Rosa out on a date. Maybe he should be more straight forward about it. What do you think?     Read the

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Learn Spanish using Cognates: The Bank Alarm

This more advanced Spanish lesson gives us lots of new cognates. The theme this week: a bank robbery. Watch the emotion on Juan Carlos’ face as he recounts the tale of panicking victims and armed criminals.

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Spanish Lesson – Cognates – Party

This cognate Spanish lesson provides us with a few new words. Juan Carlos teaches us a mix of vocabulary and brings it all together in this party-themed video. Happy Holidays everyone! If you enjoy learning Spanish

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Learn Spanish with Cognates: The Natural Disaster

Today our Spanish lesson is about a topic we see happening all too frequently: natural disasters. Therefore, this vocabulary must be important. Watch Juan Carlos describe the tragic consequences of natural disasters and learn some great

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Learn Spanish with Cognates: At the Circus

In this light hearted Spanish lesson Juan Carlos brings you to the circus to teach you some new cognates. Learn words like “familia” and “elefantes,” I’m sure just by seeing them you already know what they

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