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El Diplomático

Spanish Lesson: What to Do On Mother’s Day

El Día de la Madre es un evento muy importante para los peruanos y “El Diplomático” nos explica porque. Aprende más de nosotros aquí: http://www.webspanish.com/. Mother’s Day is very important for Peruvians and “El Diplomático” explains us

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Should I say “Don” or “Señor”?

When it comes to addressing people by their marital status and name, it is important to get it right,  and so this makes the titles Señor, Don,  Señora, Doña and Señorita important to learn.   Join our

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Spanish Video Lesson: Sneezing and Manners

“Bless you” “Gesundheit”  “À tes Souhaits”…  Sneezing is international! We all do it, and most if not all cultures have niceties surrounding this most human of actions. How do folks in South America react when somebody

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