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Feelings in Spanish: Intolerance

This Spanish lesson teaches us how to express toleration. And let’s face it, we all have a list of things that we don’t tolerate, so that makes this lesson practical for just about anyone. For Juan

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How to Say that you Are Angry in Spanish

This Monday’s lesson gets a bit heated when Juan Carlos shows his angry side. After watching all these lessons I can surely say that’s one side of his personality we don’t see a lot. This video

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Learn to Express Sadness in Spanish

Merry Christmas everyone! Today we have a Christmas themed Spanish lesson, quite appropriate for the week don’t you think? Although we hope you don’t need to talk about sadness too often, it is a basic of

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How to say you are bored in Spanish

Today’s lesson teaches you how to talk about boredom in Spanish. Now there is an emotion everyone has felt at one point or another. Whether waiting at a bus stop for too long or waiting in

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Expressing physical pain in Spanish

In our Spanish lesson this Monday we are learning some simple but useful vocabulary to express pain.  Juan Carlos shows us his not so great skills with a hammer to demonstrate this painful lesson.  “Qué dolor!”

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How to say “I am afraid” in Spanish

It may not be Halloween but this Monday our Spanish lesson is going to be a bit frightening. Watch as Juan Carlos battles his fears in an abandoned house, and of course teaches you how to

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How to Express Surprise in Spanish

Surprise: it’s Monday! As we all know that usually isn’t the best thing in the world..BUT we have a great Spanish lesson to start your day. Any guesses to what it’s about? Yea, I guess I

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How to Express Joy in Spanish

Chase away your case of the Mondays with this Spanish lesson all about happiness. Win the lottery? Getting married? Get a promotion? And the list goes on…What I’m getting at is: expressing happiness is important! Plus,

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