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Learning Spanish Through Football

I came across a curious news story this week about an English prep school, Thorpe House, that was using the football pitch (or soccer, for our US and Canadian friends), as an outdoor classroom to teach

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Narcos and Spanish

Brazilian actor Wagner Moura had a great, though unusual, reason to learn Spanish: he had been cast to portray the Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar in the Netflix series Narcos. According to Moura, his first thought

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Building Bridges, Not Walls

As a distant spectator of the US political battle, I admit to getting a little frustrated at the anti-immigrant rant prattled out by some of the candidates to the Presidency. I just can’t help feel that

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Richard Branson Says Kids Ought to Learn Spanish

I have always liked Richard Branson. As a business person, he has been able to switch industries from publishing, to music recording, to airlines, and now to space flight, always showing his detractors that he has

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