Spanish Idiom: “Ser pan comido”

Like most idioms, “Ser pan comido” cannot be deciphered intuitively. Literally translated it means “To be eaten bread” What the heck!  Well, what this expression really means is that something that is being discussed is super easy to do. In English, we’d say “It’s a piece of cake”, or, “It’s easy as pie”. Listen to […]

Spanish Lesson – The verb “gustar”

Do you like dogs? Juan Carlos does, and in this lesson he will teach you some basic animal vocabulary and the verb structure you need to know in order to express that you “like” something in Spanish.  It’s tricky, because in Spanish you don’t say that you “like something” at all, you say that “something […]

How to Express your Opinion in Spanish

One of the first things Spanish students need to learn is how to express their opinion and the opinion of others. In this Spanish video lesson, Juan Carlos will  teach you how to say in Spanish “I think”, “I prefer”, and “It seems to me”.   Just in case you need it, here is the […]

Basic Spanish Lesson: Asking about health

The Web Spanish program is based on one-to-one classes online, but besides taking classes with skilled Spanish tutors access to great Spanish tutors, Web Spanish students can also review more than 400 grammar videos in order to reinforce what they have learned in class. In this video lesson, listen to Juan Carlos as he uses […]

Spanish Idioms: “Dar una mano a alguien”

Idiomatic expressions don’t always translate well literally or figuratively between English and Spanish, but good news, this one does. “Dar una mano a alguien” means to “Give somebody a hand”, or in other words, to help somebody out. It is an easy idiom to learn and it’s super practical – but just remember to avoid […]

Spanish Idioms: “Hay gato encerrado”

Gato encerrado

Here is an easy Spanish idiom you can use in those situations where things just don’t seem on the up-and-up, and you suspect dishonesty or lack of transparency. Play the audio and hear how the idiom is used, then keep reading to learn about the likely origin of this curious expression. You might be surprised! […]

Noticia de la Semana – El yacón y el maíz morado

Finally, a tuber you can root for! The “Yacón” a tuber cultivated in the highlands of Peru that is taking the health-conscious world by storm, and marching side-by-side? The humble Peruvian purple corn.. the key ingredient in one of Peru´s most popular beverages “Chicha Morada”. Listen and hear how these products are being used in […]

Spanish Lesson – ¿Se dice “el moto” o “la moto”?

spanish video lesson

In this Spanish video lesson we shot a few years ago in funky little marketplace in the district of Miraflores, in Lima, Juan Carlos takes a look at the word “moto”, and explains why – even though it ends with the letter “o” – Spanish speakers use the article “la” – as in “La moto”. […]