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Listening Practice: The Pacific Alliance

This week, the Spanish news story covers Felipe Calderón Hinojosa, president of Mexico, as he expresses his high hopes for the Pacific Alliance. Made up of four countries: Peru, Mexico, Chile and Colombia, the alliance aims

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Listening Practice: The Danger of Inequality

The Organization of the American States has recently addressed the important issue of inequality within the Americas, and it’s threat to democracy. Inequality exists not only in the distribution of wealth, but within education, the work

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Listening Practice: Columbia and Literacy

This week, the news story is an inspiring one about education. Listen as Juan Manual Santos, president of Colombia, declares some exciting news about investing in children’s books, of which there is an extreme shortage at

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Listening Practice: Bolivia/Paraguay Highway

Today, the news article of the week fills us in on a new project involving the creation of a highway between Bolivia and Paraguay. The Andean Public Works Corporation has announced that they will provide a

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Listening Practice: The Drug Trade

This weeks video shares information regarding a new development in the relationship between the navies of Mexico and Colombia. What do these two countries have in common? Fighting illegal drug trafficking between the Caribbean and the

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Spanish Audio Lesson: A Presidential Divorce

Hi Friends, today our Spanish audio lesson is of the intermediate level and informs us about the controversy surrounding the recent divorce between Alvaro Colom, the current president of Guatemala, and Sandra Torres.  This divorce coincides with

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