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Spanish classes online

Spanish Classes Online

Visitors drop into our blog for all kinds of reasons: maybe they want to watch our Spanish lessons on video and audio, or to keep up with news related to learning Spanish, such as the rollout

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How to Express your Opinion in Spanish

One of the first things Spanish students need to learn is how to express their opinion and the opinion of others. In this Spanish video lesson, Juan Carlos will  teach you how to say in Spanish

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Migrant Mouse

Expats Drowning in the Ocean of Opportunity

Let me share a fable I heard years ago from a Peruvian English teacher who was trying to stimulate her young students to take their studies seriously.   The fable tells of how a young Peruvian mouse

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Practice Online With A Private Teacher

Consider your traditional language classroom scenario: you are seated for 1 or 2 hours together with ten to twenty other keen students. Your teacher – who is trying to address the multiple learning needs  of the

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Medical Spanish Video Lesson: Back Pain

Doctor Lozano is meeting patients, and who walks through the door?  Our favorite worry wart, Dolores. (Dolor means “pain” in Spanish, by the way). This time, she is complaining and complaining about back pain. The wise

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Spanish Audio Practice: Oliver Stone’s Chavez

Hola, amigos. Esta semana les traemos una buena noticia para los amantes del cine. El director estadounidense  Oliver Stone llevará al cine la vida del controversial  y fallecido expresidente de Venezuela, Hugo Chávez. Hello, friends. This

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Web Spanish – About This Blog

Spanish Lessons and More Thanks for joining me for the inauguration of this blog because it marks a new phase for our online Spanish school.  This space will put us in closer contact with our students,

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