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Spanish audios

Spanish Idioms: “Hacer la vista gorda”

This Spanish idiom mean that someone pretended not to see something that is or was obvious. Esta expresión idiomática en español significa que alguien fingió no ver algo que es o era ovio. Your browser does

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Spanish Idioms: “Echar leña al fuego”

Here is an Spanish idiom that you can use to say that someone is trying deliberately to make a bad situation look worse. Esta expresión idiomática en español se puede usar para decir que alguien está tratando

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Spanish Idioms: “Dar en el clavo”

Here is a Spanish Idiom you can use to to say that someone is right about something. For example: “He hit the nail right on the head with that answer”.  Aquí les presentamos una expresión idiomática

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Spanish Idioms: “A duras penas”

Here is a Spanish idiom you can use when you want to say that sometimes in life, there are difficult things that need to be done. Your browser does not support the audio element.    

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