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Welcome to lesson five! ¡Bienvenido a la lección cinco!  Listen in as Milagros takes a call from an art gallery that wants to confirm her attendance at the inauguration of a photography exhibit. Visit our Spanish

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Welcome to lesson four! ¡Bienvenido a la lección cuatro! In our dialogue, Milagros asks Diana about the neighborhood. Pay close attention to the titles Diana uses when referring to her neighbors, and how she uses the

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Spanish/English Cognates: “Explosión”

Today’s Basic Spanish vocabulary lesson is about “explosiones” in Spanish. And to learn Spanish with us, click here: https://www.webspanish.com/ La lección de vocabulario básico en  español del día de hoy es acerca de explosiones. Y para aprender

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The SIELE Exam

Spain’s King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia presided and important event at the San Ildefonso College in  Mexico City on July 2, 2015, where they announced the creation of a new standardized Spanish exam: The International

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Star Students & Strategies

If you were to ask the students enrolled in our online Spanish classes how fast they´d like to learn Spanish, of course they´d tell you “as fast as humanly possible”.    This should come as no surprise: 

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Want to slow aging? Learn Spanish!

Can learning Spanish online help keep you younger?  Well, it´s common sense that learning a foreign language will exercise your brain and help keep you mentally agile – we all intuitively know that – but isn´t

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