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Spanish videos

Learning Spanish with Cognates: “La Hamburguesa”

Today´s lesson is: “La hamburguesa”.  No doubt you recognize that word!  That’s because it is a cognate, which means it shares the same etymology as the word “hamburger” in English. What a tremendous shortcut to picking

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Spanish English Cognates: “The Actor”

Today´s lesson is: “El actor”. Learn more Spanish vocabulary here: www.webspanish.com  La lección de hoy es: “El actor”. Aprende más vocabulario en español, aquí:  www.webspanish.com 

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Learn Spanish using cognates: “El artista”

Learn Basic Spanish Vocabulary with us and discover a world full of possibilities. Today’s lesson: “El artista”. Aprende vocabulario básico en español y descubre un mundo lleno de posibilidades. La lección de hoy es: “El artista”.

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Spanish for Law Enforcement: Leaving the force

Policing is often taken for granted by citizens, and sometimes even under appreciated. And then, there’s the bureaucracy. It adds up and takes a personal toll on many who serve and protect. It’s normal that from

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