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The SIELE Exam


Spain’s King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia presided and important event at the San Ildefonso College in  Mexico City on July 2, 2015, where they announced the creation of a new standardized Spanish exam: The International Service for Evaluation of the Spanish Language (SIELE).  The exam will allow test-takers the chance to earn a certificate that will demonstrate to employers, schools and universities – or even just to themselves – a clear and objective measurement of their Spanish skill.

The SIELE will be a great complement to the current DELE exam for two reasons: it will do a better job at recognizing regional variants of the Spanish language,  and thanks to the use of remote testing technology and collaboration with private sector partners who will manage the testing centers, the exam will be much more convenient to access.

The Cervantes Institute – which is leading the consortium that will manage the test – will eventually offer the test on five continents, but the initial focus will be on the countries with the largest numbers of Spanish students: the United States, China, and Brazil. The first tests will be administered in 2016 with an expected turnout of 300,000 candidates, but this number is expected to climb to 700,000 within the following five years, which will make it a much more popular exam than the DELE.

Web Spanish embraces this new exam because it will give our students – usually independent adult learners – the chance to earn a certificate that they can use however they see fit.  The advent of the SIELE test is great news for Spanish learners worldwide.

If you would like to prepare to take the SIELE exam, the Web Spanish School is the place to do it!  Our teachers embrace a pan-Hispanic view of the Spanish language, and our program focuses on the four areas that the SIELE will eventually test: reading, writing, oral expression and listening.

Besides being able to access our regular General Spanish courses, you will soon be able to prepare for the SIELE exam by enrolling in a course we are currently developing.

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