How to Find the Best Online Spanish Teacher


Here is a question for you to ponder:  How many teachers have you had in your life? Give it a try and add them up – from kindergarten to college – and I´ll bet you´ll hit at least the 70 mark.  Then, add in your coaches, your in-house training instructors at work,   and the scattering of teachers that have taught you in extension courses at your local community college or university, and what number do you reach?  Have you passed the one-hundred mark?

Now the next question to ask yourself is how many of these teachers left a strong impression on your memory.  For example, how many could you name?  How many of these teachers really taught you well?  The number now plummets, and this begs the last question:   Why do we remember some teachers, and forget others?

Students usually sum this answer in one word:  “Chemistry “.  When good chemistry is present, the teacher helps the student feel motivated and smart; students feel encouraged, and they have fun  and laugh during the class.  But when the chemistry is bad, students feel like they are swimming upstream.

As language teachers, we understand all about the chemistry between us and our students, and finding “good chemistry” is something we strive for.  Why?  Well, a Spanish class that flows with easy conversation and which is punctuated with laughter is an educator´s playground!  Lessons are learned while the student is having fun. It´s painless and learning becomes intuitive and natural.    Having good chemistry is win-win for both sides:  when it exists, the teacher also has much more fun, and hence, does a much better job.      This is especially true in one-on-one online courses, because the relationship between the teacher and student is very close.

At Web Spanish, we have teachers who have taught the same student for hundreds of hours. They have taken them from a basic Spanish level to fluency.  We only see this happen when the “chemical magic” is there.  But sometimes,  the teacher and the student just don´t click. We accept this as a reality and we never force the relationship to work.  Our policy is to switch teachers and place the student with someone more compatible.

I think that this is one of the biggest benefits students have when they study with our online Spanish shool.  Web Spanish makes every effort to help build “good chemistry” into our classes.  We do this by selecting our teaching staff very carefully, and by having a policy where students can switch teachers – with no questions asked.

If you are considering taking Spanish classes online, please consider studying with our school.  Our teachers are all fully qualified and they are pleasant to deal with, but if for any reason you want to switch teachers, we will do this for you immediately.  We will help you find the perfect online Spanish teacher.


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