Prepare online for the SIELE EXAM

Course Description

Prepare for the Siele

The SIELE exam is positioning is now one of the most important global standards of Spanish language competency.

Our online Spanish teachers will help you prepare for the SIELE using a mock quiz, and complementary exercises to build your weaknesses into strengths.

Note that Web Spanish does not have access to SIELE audios at this point.


What Is the Siele?

The SIELE is an adaptive, computer based exam that measures all four language competencies: Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking and which includes regional variants of Spanish. You can choose to take one, or all of the components. The test is scored out of 1000 and there is no pass/fail, but you need achieve the highest score possible.

Why Should I Take the SIELE?

The SIELE exam results can be used for academic purposes, for work, for immigration, or simply as a fun, objective way to measure your Spanish achievements if you are an independent learner.