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What is the DELE Exam?

Student Taking DELE ExamThe “DELE” (Diploma de Español como lengua extranjera) are diplomas in Spanish as a Foreign Language. They are official titles which accredit the level of Spanish-language competency and they are issued by the Cervantes Institute in the name of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport in Spain.

People take DELE exams to receive an objective evaluation of their Spanish ability in order  to show employers or present to their college or university, but really anyone who is serious about learning Spanish can benefit by preparing for and taking this exam.  Language students find that working towards a tangible goal - such as a DELE Certificate -  helps keep them on track and motivated.


Discovering the DELE

Web Spanish has prepared an innovative 5-hour course called “Discovering the DELE” which has been developed for students who are considering taking a DELE Spanish exam and who want to know what the exam entails, and how best to prepare for it. 
Upon completion of the course, students will have a clear understanding of their personal strengths and weaknesses and which exam level they should aim for.


Levels Taught:
While the DELE diplomas cover all levels of the Common European Framework, Web Spanish offers this coaching for the following levels only:

  • Diploma de Español Nivel B1. Cervantes Institute Logo
  • Diploma de Español Nivel B2.
  • Diploma de Español Nivel C1.
  • Diploma de Español Nivel C2.


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