About Our Online Spanish Program


All our online Spanish teachers employ a standard, international Spanish in their online Spanish classes, free of colloquialisms and local slang.

Yes! Most of our students are located in the United States, but we also work with Spanish students from Asia, Europe and Australia on a regular basis. Note that you must have access to the Pay Pal system in order to pay the tuition fees for your online Spanish lessons.  

Yes, but please bear time differences in mind; not all of our teachers are able to give classes during their nighttime. If your chosen schedule involves night classes it may take Web Spanish longer to assign a teacher to you.  Our teachers are mostly located in Peru, which depending on the time of year, is in the same time zone as central United States. (UTC – 5).

Your teacher is happy to assign homework since it will help you learn faster, and sometimes do not have the time or inclination to do homework, so it is not an obligatory part our our online Spanish program.

Web Spanish is based in Lima, Peru, so, naturally, most of our online Spanish teachers are Peruvian. Peruvians are recognized as having clear Spanish enunciation and our teachers always adapt their speed, tone and clarity of voice to the pace of the student.

Yes, Web Spanish specializes in offering private Spanish classes online to adult students. You will have the  tutors full attention, and your class will provide you with plenty of opportunity to practice your Spanish and to receive feedback on your progress.

Yes, Web Spanish makes every effort to implement our students’ personal schedules. That said, if you wish to retain the same teacher, you need to decide on a regular time (some flexibility is allowed). If you wish to take online Spanish classes outside of your regular schedule, we can accommodate that, but we reserve the right to assign you a different online Spanish teacher. 

Yes, you can access the “My Progress” area on your personal Web Spanish campus, in order to review previous work, see how far you have advanced in your online Spanish classes and plan what your next steps will be. You can also review your lessons and evaluations in the “My Course” area. Being able to access previous work and teachers’ assessments is one of the greatest benefits of Web Spanish, for it enables students to resolve problems and improve weak areas.

If you require, Web Spanish can provide you or your employer a certificate upon completion of the program. This certificate will specify the level you have reached, the areas you have developed, and the total number of hours you have studied with us. We encourage all of our students who require Spanish language certification to take either the SIELE or DELE exam in order to gain an international accreditation. This will carry more weight than anything we can give you. 

No, although we will work with our students to apply to the faculty of modern languages at their university, providing information regarding our syllabus and curriculum. 

Yes, all Web Spanish classes must be paid for in advance. Once you have begun taking your classes you will receive payment reminders every time you have only 3 paid academic hours, or less, remaining. Payment for your next set of classes must be received 24 hours before the first of these classes is due to begin. We also offer a money back guarantee.

Yes, Web Spanish takes the privacy of our student’s personal details seriously and will not give, sell or rent your details to third parties. Please view our Privacy Policy for more information.

Yes, we do, and we update it on a regular basis with Spanish video lessons, international Spanish competency exams, and articles about learning the Spanish language.

Yes, you may reschedule your classes with at least 12-hours notice without penalty. If you fail to notify us with at least 12-hours notice you will be billed for the class as normal. Please refer to our terms and conditions listed on the application form for our online Spanish language courses.  Please understand that your online Spanish teacher has reserved this schedule for you, so if you cancel at the last moment, they cannot plan to teach another online Spanish class. However, if you arrange in advance with your online Spanish teacher, you can reschedule your class to be taken at another time. 

Web Spanish considers it important that students’ learning schedules are not interrupted and we will provide a substitute online Spanish teacher, if the student wishes.  

All our teachers are trained in a number of bridge languages, such as English. However, if you feel that you do not understand your teacher, or are experiencing any other problems, Web Spanish will organize for another teacher to take your classes.  

Web Spanish cannot be responsible for breaks in communication arising from technical issues with the student’s computer or internet connection. In the event of a fault with our system the student’s online Spanish teacher will arrange for him/her to be credited with extra time if necessary.

Once you register with Web Spanish, suggestions and concerns can be directed to  Student Services via your personal Web Spanish campus.

No, as long as you have a basic computer user level and are familiar with Word and email you should experience no problems taking online Spanish classes with Web Spanish.

Web cams are optional for students, but our on line Spanish teachers do not usually use them because after the initial greeting at the outset of your online Spanish class – seeing the teacher’s face does not add anything to the class. Remember that you will be watching your online Spanish class unfold before you on the shared blackboard as your online Spanish teacher shares documents and exercises. 

The only program you will need to install for your online Spanish class is Skype™, if you choose to use it. The other option is to take your classes with Zoom, which does not need to be downloaded. You can find out what is best for you by discussing this with your online Spanish teacher. 

No, all the materials you need for your online Spanish classes are included.  

No, Web Spanish is suitable for students who have had no previous contact with the Spanish language, as well as for students who have already achieved a certain level of learning. Our online Spanish teachers use English as a bridge language when necessary.

It is possible to learn Spanish by yourself using textbooks and recordings if you are not ready to start classes with an online Spanish teacher. That said, you need to be extremely motivated, apply sound learning strategies, be disciplined and find someone to help you practice your speaking. We have two free Spanish video courses that will help you get started: Spanish Awakenings, which focusses on vocabulary, grammar and culture, and our Spanish Grammar Review series.

The cost for our private one to one Spanish classes online ranges from $15 to $19 per 50-minute class. This includes your materials. See the prices for our Spanish lessons here.

Unless you have a specific interest in Spanish for medicine, or unless you want to prepare for Spanish competency exam like the SIELE or the DELE, we recommend you enroll in our General Spanish Course

There is no single answer to this question as it depends on the individual. A good strategy though is to set clear learning goals, take regular Spanish classes online that follow a logical learning path, use flash-cards on your own several times a day to memorize vocabulary, and once you reach an upper-basic level, enroll on a Spanish immersion program in a Spanish-speaking country for one month. Do this, and you will speak Spanish – not perfectly – but enough to get by. In order to advance further, repeat the formula. 

You are in luck. If you already speak English, Spanish is probably the easiest foreign language to learn. There are thousands of “cognates” shared between the two languages. This means that words with similar meanings often look alike. Not only that, every letter is pronounced in Spanish, so the spelling makes sense. 

You are never too old to learn Spanish, and even though the “memory ain’t what it used to be”, learning something new is a great way to improve it. Our Online Spanish Courses are designed for the adult learner and the vast majority of our students are over 40 years old, and there is certainly no upper age limit. Our Online Spanish Tutors have successfully taught Spanish to many senior citizens. All you need to do it take the decision and you will find that our online Spanish classes make for a stimulating and enjoyable pastime. Not convinced? Check out blog post to learn about four great reasons to learn a new language

*If you have any other questions about our program and how we can help you learn Spanish online, do not hesitate to contact us.