What type of Spanish do you teach?
All our online Spanish teachers employ a standard, international Spanish in their classes, free of colloquialisms and local slang.

Are there any age restrictions?
There are no official age restrictions, but Web Spanish is designed for the adult learner (approximately 15 years upwards). There is certainly no upper age limit, and Web Spanish has worked with many senior citizens. All you need to do it take the decision and you will find that our online Spanish classes make for a stimulating and enjoyable pastime.

Can I study Spanish online from anywhere in the world?
Yes! Web Spanish allows you to study from anywhere with access to a broadband internet connection. Remember that you will be able to apply yourself to your studies far more easily if you work in a place that’s distraction free.

Can I study at any time?
Yes, but please bear time differences in mind; not all of our teachers are able to give classes during their nighttime. If your chosen schedule involves night classes it may take Web Spanish longer to assign a teacher to you.

Will I be given homework?
Yes, you will be given a manageable amount of homework after every class, depending on your course intensity.

What time zone do you use?
Web Spanish office hours are from 9am – 5.30pm GMT-5, but classes can be scheduled outside of these times. Please contact us with your personal schedule and we will make every effort to find you a teacher for the times you require.

Where are your online Spanish teachers from?
Web Spanish is based in Lima, Peru, so, naturally, most of our online Spanish teachers are Peruvian. Peruvians are recognized as having clear Spanish enunciation and our teachers always adapt their speed, tone and clarity of voice to the pace of the student.

Will I be the only student in my online Spanish classes?
Yes, Web Spanish specializes in offering one-to-one Spanish classes online to our students. Each class will provide you with plenty of opportunity to practice your Spanish and to receive feedback on your progress.

Can I choose my schedule?
Yes, Web Spanish makes every effort to implement our students’ personal schedules.

Can I view my progress?
Yes, you can access the “My Progress” area on your personal Web Spanish campus, in order to review previous work, see how far you have advanced in your online Spanish classes and plan what your next steps will be. You can also review your lessons and evaluations in the “My Course” area. Being able to access previous work and teachers’ assessments is one of the greatest benefits of Web Spanish, for it enables students to resolve problems and improve weak areas.

Can I preview the syllabus?
Yes, you can find links to the syllabi of our six Spanish levels at the bottom of our General Spanish Coursepage, and here is a link to our Spanish for Medicine syllabus.

Will I receive a certificate upon completion of the program?
If you require, Web Spanish can provide you or your employer a certificate upon completion of the program. This certificate will specify the level you have reached, the areas you have worked, and the total number of hours you have studied with us.

Will I receive university credit for taking the program?
Although Web Spanish itself is not a credit-issuing institute, we provide our students with all the support they need in order to negotiate credit with their institute of higher learning.

Will I be required to pay in advance?
Yes, all Web Spanish classes must be paid for in advance. Once you have begun taking your classes you will receive payment reminders every time you have only 3 paid academic hours, or less, remaining. Payment for your next set of classes must be received 24 hours before the first of these classes is due to begin.

Will you respect my privacy?
Yes, Web Spanish takes the privacy of our student’s personal details seriously and will not give, sell or rent your details to third parties. Please view our Privacy Policy for more information.

Does Web Spanish have a blog?
Yes, we do, and we update it on a regular basis with Spanish video lessons, audio news, and articles of interest.

Can I reschedule my classes?
Yes, you may reschedule your classes with at least 24 hours notice without penalty. If you fail to notify us with at least 24 hours notice you will be billed for the class as normal.

What if my teacher is absent, for example if he/she is on sick-leave?

Web Spanish considers it important that students’ learning schedules are not interrupted and therefore makes every effort to find substitute teachers in cases of teacher absence.

Can I change teachers if I’m not satisfied?
All our teachers are trained in a number of bridge languages, such as English. However, if you feel that you do not understand your teacher, or are experiencing any other problems, Web Spanish will organize for another teacher to take your classes.

What if I decide I don’t like Web Spanish?

The vast majority of our students enjoy their Web Spanish courses, but if for any reason you are not satisfied with your classes, you may withdraw from the program at any time. Refunds are subject to our Terms & Conditions.

What happens if there are communication problems during the class?
Web Spanish cannot be responsible for breaks in communication arising from technical issues with the student’s computer or internet connection. In the event of a fault with our system the student’s teacher will arrange for him/her to be credited with extra time if necessary.

How can I contact you?
Once you register with Web Spanish, suggestions and concerns can be directed to the Academic Coordinator or to Student Services via your personal Web Spanish campus.

Do I need to know a lot about computers?
No, as long as you have a basic computer user level and are familiar with Word and email you should experience no problems taking online Spanish classes with Web Spanish.

Do I need a web cam?
Web cams are optional for students, but our on line Spanish teachers do not use them because we find they distract our students.

Do I need to install special software?
The only program you will need to install is Skype™. It is a free program which is simple to download, install and use. You will receive download instructions for this program once you register with

Will I need to buy study materials, such as books and CD’s?
No, all the materials you need for your online Spanish classes are included in the program and are fully accessible via the internet.

Do I need to know any Spanish in order to start my program?
No, Web Spanish is suitable for students who have had no previous contact with the Spanish language, as well as for students who have already achieved a certain level of learning. Our teachers use English as a bridge language when necessary.

If you have any other questions about our program and how we can help you learn Spanish online, do not hesitate to contact us.