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General Spanish Program


The General Spanish Program is our most popular course offering.  These Spanish classes online mix intense conversation practice with instruction of the rules of the Spanish language.  Whether your goal is to achieve basic conversational competency, or you need to pass your Spanish finals at college,  this course gives you the content, structure and direction you need for success.

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Like all the other programs at Web Spanish, our General Spanish course is taught using a communicative methodology. This means you will learn by speaking and interacting in Spanish.  This is not textbook learning: our classes are dynamic and fun and we guarantee you will begin improving your Spanish from the very first lesson.

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Who can apply?
Anyone! This course is open to students ranging from absolute beginners to advanced speakers. We will test you before you begin, but if you have already studied some Spanish, you can get an idea of your current level here. What is my Spanish level?

What will I Study in my Online Spanish Class?
This depends on your level, but Web Spanish staff has has authored a 180 chapter text book and have produced over 400 hundred video tutorials to complement your lessons.  You can get an idea of these resources here:



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We will help you learn Spanish online quickly and conveniently and our courses will give you a deeper understanding of the Hispanic world.