Why Choose Us?


Online Spanish Tutors

Web Spanish Online Tutors are trained and qualified to teach Spanish. Students follow a clear learning path.

Skype Spanish Classes

Skype offers a blackboard and camera option. Software needs to be installed in both computers and the student needs to create an account.

Zoom Spanish Classes

Zoom offers blackboard and camera option. No software is required by the student.

Spanish Tutors Online


With Web Spanish, all you need is a computer, a headset and you´re ready to learn in a private class with an online Spanish tutor.

Most students take one to five online Spanish classes per week, but the frequency is up to you. Each class lasts 50 minutes.

Your Web Spanish online tutor will supply you with materials, the encouragement, and the learning strategy you need for success.

Your Online Spanish Tutor Follows Lesson Plan


During your 50 minute class, your online Spanish tutor will work with you, lesson by lesson and chapter by chapter in every single class. You will cover speaking, listening, grammar and vocabulary, and you will have the support of your tutor every step of the way.  

You will use our proprietary material, which includes a 180-chapter text book, Spanish video lessons, Spanish listening exercises and Spanish reading exercises with audios.  With your Web Spanish online tutor, you will be following a clear learning path so you can advance with confidence.

After the class is done, your online Spanish teacher will send you a record of class notes, and will assign you a few short exercises so you can review what you have learned. Your tutor will apply regular quizzes so you can measure your progress.

Your Online Spanish Tutor Will Get You Talking!


We embrace a communicative methodology at Web Spanish so our classes are designed to give you plenty of opportunity to participate. 

Speaking aloud will help you remember new vocabulary, and of course it will help you gain fluidity and improve your pronunciation.

Your online Spanish tutor will encourage you to speak and will gently correct you along the way.

Your Online Spanish Tutor is Qualified and Experienced

Your private online Spanish tutor is a native Spanish speaker, with a university degree, and a deep knowledge of the Spanish language.  Your personal tutor will communicate with you live, using voice software and a virtual blackboard. We rely on either Skype or Zoom for this purpose. This means that you and your teacher will be speaking to each other, and your teacher will be displaying the class real-time on your computer screen. All our online Spanish tutors are fully qualified and trained to teach in an online environment. They care about your progress and will help you reach your learning goals. Courses range from basic to advanced, so whether you’re a complete beginner or have been studying Spanish for years, we will provide instruction at the right level for you — and if you apply yourself, we guarantee that you will learn Spanish quickly.

Your Online Spanish Tutor Can Use Either Zoom or Skype


The Web Spanish program is 100% convenient, allowing you to study from home, your office, or anywhere in the world that has access to an internet connection. Your online Spanish tutor will use either Skype (first choice) or Zoom (second choice) to carry out the class.

Each system has its pros and cons, but rest assured, the materials and the methodology are the same. Whether you are taking a Skype Spanish class, or a Zoom Spanish class, we guarantee that you will learn, and that you will enjoy studying with us.