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A Spanish immersion programs is the perfect complement to your online classes because studying abroad in a Spanish-speaking country gives you the chance to practice what you have learned and to enjoy the access to the culture that your new language skills will give you. There is nothing better than traveling to a foreign country and being able to speak some of the language!

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With Web Spanish, we help you make this adventure a reality. Our school is partnered with “El Sol”, a Spanish immersion school located in Lima, Peru. Both of our institutions follow the same educational model and learning sequence so passing from one program to the other is a smooth transition. Just like in Web Spanish, you can study General Spanish and Spanish for Medicine and can prepare for the DELE exam. Best of all, Lima is an easy destination to reach. It is a large capital city with all kinds of things to keep you interested and busy, and it is only a short flight to Cuzco where you can visit Machu Picchu. It is also a short flight to visit the Amazon Rainforest, and the famous Nazca Lines are only a four hour drive from Lima.

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Enrolling in an immersion program is also a great way to make big strides in your learning because you will be devoted to studying FULL-TIME, which means from 20 to 30 classroom hours PER WEEK. Compare that to what you usually study online and you will get a sense of just how much you will progress. Additional activities include excursions in Lima, Latin dance classes and lessons in Peruvian cooking. There is also a host-family program available.


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