General Spanish Online Course


This is the syllabus we follow in our General Spanish Course. Refer here for levels and progress.



1A. The good old days!

1B. An interesting biography

2A. Today you’ll have a great day

3A. Get some rest!

3B. Make up your mind! Do it!

3C. That one, that one, the one over there!

4A. Everything’s happened to me

4B. I’ve been working a lot lately

4C. The world of work

5A. What would you do?

5B. He said he’d go

5C. I go red!

6A. Time goes by

6B. Comparing past tenses

6C. I’ve just arrived

7A. My ideal partner

7B. Have a good time!

7C. I like him to be romantic

8A. What do you advise me to do?

8B. Do you want me to help you?

8C. I order you to…

9A. Big cities

9B. It’s necessary that I find an apartment

10A. Review