This course is for healthcare professionals who need to communicate with Spanish speakers in the workplace.

Classes are communicative and emphasize conversation and role play using mock scenarios where you will learn and practice medical terminology and the grammar you need to apply it. After finishing the program, you will able to work competently with Spanish speakers and will have gained an appreciation of Latin American culture as it relates to health.

You can enroll in ten-hour or twenty-hour modules and advance as far as you can. Completing the entire program takes approximately 300 hours.


Students need basic competency in Spanish in order to enroll in this program. This means they must be able to convey simple ideas in Spanish and have be able to manage both regular and irregular verbs in the present tense.

If you are interested in this program but do not fulfill these requirements, we recommend that you enroll first in our General Spanish program. See Syllabus for Medical Spanish Program.