The General Spanish Course

The General Spanish Course is our most popular option. It includes one-on-one live, 50-minute lessons with an expert teacher and is suitable for beginners and advanced students. All study materials are included.

This is by far our most popular online Spanish course. It is suitable for  beginners to more advanced students. This course covers all of the skill areas, and can be adapted to the specific needs of our students.

This course is open to students from beginner to advanced levels of Spanish. If you are looking an complete online Spanish course, this should be your first choice.

Specialized Courses and Exam Preparation

DELE Exam Preparation

The DELE exam is the most widely recognized Spanish competency exam in the world. This short 5-hour online Spanish course, offers students an introduction to the DELE exam and helps them develop a strategy to prepare for it.

This course is open to students with an intermediate level of Spanish only.

Spanish for Medicine

This online Spanish course teaches Spanish to people wo provide healthcare to Spanish-speaking patients.

This course is open to students with an upper-basic level of Spanish or higher.


The SIELE Exam is a relative newcomer in the area of Spanish competency tests. It is an adaptive exam taken online.

This course is open for students with an upper-basic level of Spanish or higher.

Spanish Immersion Program

Web Spanish is affiliated with the EL Sol Spanish School located in Lima, Peru. Taking an immersion program is great complement to your online Spanish classes.

Lima is a transport hub in South America and is easy to reach. You can begin your Spanish immersion course any Monday. The school is open year round.

The course is open to students at all levels.

If you are interested in our specialized Spanish courses, please write to us.