Our Team of Online Spanish Teachers


Working Together

Our Team of Online Spanish Instructors

What separates our online Spanish teachers from the rest?
In one word: QUALITY


All of our online Spanish teachers are university graduates who have passed a demanding selection process that includes a test of their knowledge and face-to-face interviews. We make sure they have what it takes teach Spanish online successfully.

Once hired, we train our teachers on our system and they teach mock Spanish online lessons until we are confident that they can be assigned their first student.

Why take a chance with freelance online Spanish tutors that you find online? Study Spanish with qualified teacher using proven methodology and materials.

Your Online Spanish Teacher


Study with an Online Spanish School - Not a Freelancer



Another important feature of learning Spanish online with our school is the continuity we provide. If you need to change Spanish teacher for any reason, we will assign a new tutor to pick up where the first one left off.

This means that when you take online Spanish lessons with Web Spanish, there will be no inconvenient breaks in your learning.

We invite you to come study with one of our online Spanish tutors! Web Spanish online teachers are some of the best in the business – and they work as a team. Not only will they help you learn, they will keep you motivated, so you don’t waste your time or your energy.

Register for an online Spanish lesson today and see for yourself how our program will give you a clear learning path and will keep you motivated until you reach your goal.