Spanish Lessons Online - Upper Advanced Level

Chapter Content
1A. It was a long time since we’d seen each other
  • Telling stories using different tenses
  • Expressing change or transformation
  • Referring to the end result of a process
  • Contrasting the use of “ser” and “estar” with certain adjectives
  • Expressing retrospective advice or suggestions
1B. Problems aren’t solved by crying
  • Expressing temporality
  • Expressing conditions
  • Expressing objections
  • Regretting past actions
2A. You should have put a scarf on!
  • Expressing retrospective advice or suggestions
  • Rejecting a current action
  • Expressing annoyance
  • Warning or threatening someone
2B. You’re gifted at music
  • Emphasizing a person’s characteristics
  • Expressing conditions
  • Expressing feelings and points of view
  • Talking about desires and hypothetical conditions
3A. Imagine how difficult his life was!
  • Emphasizing opinions and comments
  • Reacting with surprise to different situations
  • Attracting someone’s attention
3B. They say that….
  • Referring to other people’s opinions
  • Deriving words from other words
  • Making observations about everyday events
  • Asking for clarification of a message
4A. How do you contribute to your community?
  • Recognizing and analyzing verbs that take prepositions
4B. Rights
  • Talking about social obligations
  • Expressing satisfaction, indifference and surprise
  • Making reference to improbable situations
4C. I’d like to make a formal complaint
  • Making complaints
  • Writing letters of complaint
5A. Promises and more promises
  • Expressing disappointment or discontent
  • Making suggestions and giving opinions
5B. Let’s continue supporting…
  • Declaring actions that are taking place
  • Referring to the consequences or results of an action
  • Declaring simultaneous actions
  • Giving descriptions
5C. They said they’d send it by email!
  • Referring to future information
  • Giving messages
6A. I’ve written lots of letters
  • Expressing the result of an action
  • Writing letters
6B. Conditions
  • Expressing feelings with reference to change
  • Talking about conditions and consequences
  • Feeling regret
6C. A letter has arrived
  • Writing a letter
  • Commenting on a letter
  • Expressing optimism, pessimism and surprise
7A. They kidnapped the minister!
  • Avoiding ambiguity
  • Identifying the person responsible for an action
  • Differentiating colloquial and formal language
7B. News
  • Referring to certain actions, facts or ideas
  • Reading, analyzing and writing news articles
  • Contrasting newly received information with current knowledge
  • Identifying the person responsible for an action
  • Expressing annoyance
7C. Tell me everything!
  • Describing experiences to friends
  • Expressing affection or contempt
8A. Differences between the sexes
  • Giving opinions about specific topics
  • Giving opinions in favor of and against topics
8B. Let’s present a topic of interest
  • Giving presentations about topics
  • Presenting the advantages and disadvantages of a topic
  • Offering solutions
9A. The use of tildes
  • Grouping words according to their accents
  • Applying accent rules to different words
9B. Grammatical difficulties
  • Recognizing difficult grammatical constructions
  • Communicating with lexical precision
9C. Homophonic words
  • Knowing and differentiating homophonic words
10A. Literature
  • Reading, analyzing and writing texts in literary style
10B. History
  • Talking about history
  • Making speculations about the past
10C. Review
  • Review 1
  • Review 2
  • Review 3
  • Review 4
  • Review 5
  • Review 6


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