General Spanish Online Course


This is the syllabus we follow in our General Spanish Course. Refer here for levels and progress.



1A. It was a long time since we’d seen each other

1B. Problems aren’t solved by crying

2A. You should have put a scarf on!

2B. You’re gifted at music

3A. Imagine how difficult his life was!

3B. They say that….

4A. How do you contribute to your community?

4B. Rights

4C. I’d like to make a formal complaint

5A. Promises and more promises

5B. Let’s continue supporting…

5C. They said they’d send it by email!

6A. I’ve written lots of letters

6B. Conditions

6C. A letter has arrived

7A. They kidnapped the minister!

7B. News

7C. Tell me everything!

8A. Differences between the sexes

8B. Let’s present a topic of interest

9A. The use of tildes

9B. Grammatical difficulties

9C. Homophonic words

10A. Literature

10B. History

10C. Review