General Spanish Online Course


This is the syllabus we follow in our General Spanish Course. Refer here for levels and progress.



1A. My country

1B. How do I get to the shopping center?

1C. Where is your house?

1D. What is the time difference?

2A. Plans and projects

2B. The verbs “to know” – “saber” and “conocer”

2C. What do you know how to do?

3A. What are you doing?

3B. Is it hot or cold?

3C. I feel really cold!

3D. What should I wear?

4A. My house is your house

4B. Is there anyone at home?

4C. My city and your city

4D. The countryside and the city

5A. My daily routine

5B. I need to move house

5C. Home sweet home

5D. I need some furniture

6A.What did you do yesterday?

6B. My trips

6C. I got up on the wrong side of the bed

7A. Changes

7B. I forgot your birthday

7C. What a disaster!

8A. Do you know what happened?

8B. An unforgettable day

8C. He sees them all day!

8D. He gave me a bunch of flowers

9A. He gave it to her

9B. Famous people

9C. Now and then

10A.Which one do you want?

10B. Review