General Spanish Online Course


This is the syllabus we follow in our General Spanish Course. Refer here for levels and progress.



1A. I wonder what has happened

1B. He’s taken to wearing earrings

2A. If I were him I’d have left her there

2B. If he hadn’t reacted like that…

3A. He said we’d learn to be happy

3B. Don’t do it again!

4A. Is it built or was it built?

4B. In Peru people eat well

5A. It’s not that they don’t want to get married, it’s that…

5B. He got married for the third time

6A. When the time comes…

6B. I had a great time

7A. I’ll lend it to you as long as you give it back

7B. It must be a mistake

8A. However much the world changes…

8B. Whatever happens

9A. Tell me who you spend your time with and I’ll tell you what you’re like

9B. What a shame that these things happen!

10A. Review